Sunday, February 15, 2009


Tonight, I cried. I cried for all the pain and wounds that have not healed. I cried until I could feel my heart squeesed tight. I cried for my failed marriage that I pretended I did not care about. I cried for my children who lost their father so early in their lives. I cried for the pain I felt when I would stay up at night wondering where he was. I cried for the loss of my child. I cried for the days and nights when I would keep my hands on my son's chest afraid that if I let go he would stop breathing. I cried for my life.....I cried...I cried until I didn't have any more tears left....oh, how I cried....

This journey called life has been both happy and painful. Mostly painful I must say. The road I chose to follow is filled with jagged, sharp rocks. Each step I took left me crying with pain the wounds inflicted by the sharp rocks. "I should have been more prepared before I took this journey", I'd say to myself. I should have brought something to protect myself from getting hurt. I'd stop and rest then I would catch a glimpse of something colorful and beautiful. Then I'd feel some glimmer of hope because I see my destination. That is where I belong.

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Julieanne said...

This is such a relief to do this. I have done this myself and feel a tonne lighter. Then when you come out of that state you feel refreshed and ready to go on.

...And i hope you had chocolate ;)