Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanks to Brian,, now I have to divulge some of my unsavory habits/things about me. Hmm, maybe it's not too bad. Through this blog, I have been finding out quite a bit about myself that I was not aware of previously. So, here it goes.

1) I consider Hawaii my home as that is where I grew up and lived until 6 years ago.

2) I have 2 children, a 13 yr. old boy and a 17 year old girl.

3) Out of habit, I will have a cup of coffee every morning but will only take a few sips and won't finish it.

4) I have to have a cup of tea and some snacks, ie, cookies, pies, pastries, before I go to bed at night or else I cant't sleep.

5) I am currently seeking some type of spiritual meaning to my life.

6) I just started a new job last Tuesday, November 12.

7) We just moved to a new state so I don't have any friends ye. I am hoping to find many through this blog.

8) I am an avid reader - fiction, non-fiction, self help, spirituality, but my favorite is historical romance.

Below are the list of people and their blog sites I tagged

1) Julieanne


3) Crystal


5) Yolanda

6) Maureen

7) Kenny

8) Angie

The tag rules are as follows:Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Have fun!!


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Treasure :)

Sounds like fun! I will endeavour to get mine up over the next couple of days.

Happy Manifesting!


yolanda said...

thank you so much for your comment, treasure! im so glad you liked my blog. it is really beginning to mean a lot to me, and im so glad that people are reading it.

just made an almighty post so i will leave the tagging thingy for another day :-)

lovely to meet you.


Angie Atkinson said...

Wow, thanks for the tag! Very interesting stuff you've got there. I have to tell you, on the coffee thing. I have coffee every day out of habit (or is it addiction??), but I have at minimum one pot!! LOL! In fact, I found myself saying to my friend the other day, "Maybe I've got a headache because I've had only one pot of coffee today." LOL. It was then I realized I'm horribly addicted to the stuff. :) Have a fabulous day!



I know exactly what you mean about the coffee thing. I used to blame my headaches on not having my coffee yet. Now I wonder if that is true!

Jamiee Love said...

Thanks for tagging me. It was fun to think of some random things about myself. A little tougher to find 8 people to tag since I'm still relatively new around here, but I managed. I absolutely love reading too. Many unread books at the moment. I wish I had more time to spend with them!